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Nashville Fire Damage

By Jamie Shelley
16 Oct. 2014 10:10 PM Eastern

Why You Need a Professional to Clean Smoke Damage After a Fire

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Fires can wreak havoc on a home or commercial property in a matter of seconds. While the first thing to do would be to contact the fire department to extinguish the fire, there are necessary steps that must follow. After the fire has been put out, it may be ideal to assume that you're safe to reenter the property and begin restoring it to new. However, what many individuals are unaware of are the threats that still linger for their property. Hiring a fire restoration company to clean the remains and residue is likely your best defense against fire damage and the most effective process for restoring your building.

Understanding the Aftermath of a Fire

To the untrained professional, once the fire has been removed from the home, the imminent danger has passed. However, there are remnants that a fire leaves behind that can do damage to the property. Both ash and smoke are left behind and can begin to cause significant damage to the building including corrosion, surface etching, discoloration, and displeasing odors. Over time, this can cause a lot of structural damages and incur a high expense to repair. Hiring a certified fire restoration company immediately is your best defense to the above-mentioned issues.

The Sooner You Call the Better the Results

It is ideal to contact a fire restoration company right away to restore any areas of your home that were affected by the fire. One of the bigger culprits of fire residue is ash. The ash will begin to discolor just about any surface it covers. Discoloring affects can begin between a few minutes to a few hours after the fire. Surfaces such as plastic, fiberglass and other finishes can begin to turn yellowish in color while metals will begin to tarnish without warning. After a few days, these affects can be permanent causing you to have to refinish or replace certain items in your home.

What to Expect From a Fire Restoration Contractor

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If you've hired a trained and certified professional, they should arrive at your property in a short period. They should immediately begin assessing the type of damage that was done to the property and the source of that damage. From there, they will begin a thorough cleaning process to remove smoke, ash, and other fire damage from the property. They should treat odors with specialized cleaning supplies and remove any items that are beyond repair.

Do it yourself techniques very rarely work to resolve issues of ash and smoke residue left behind after a fire. Inexperienced attempts at trying to complete such tasks could lead to further contamination and damage of your home and personal belongings. Ideally, the best course of action is to reach out to a reliable fire restoration service with the licenses and certifications to complete such services in your area.

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Nashville Fire Damage Is Deadly Particularly In A Place Of Business

By Jamie Shelley
13 Oct. 2014 11:45 AM Eastern

Commercial Electric Fires

According to the NFPA, in 2007-2011, fires caused by electrical failure or malfunctions averaged approximately 48,000 per year, resulting in $1.5 billion in direct property damage. It goes without saying how a fire can have devastating effects on a family home or business that can make it extremely difficult if not impossible to recover from.

Fire Prevention

Nashville home's need to be aware of fire damage from
flatly electrical equipment 
Although preventing all future electrical fires might be impossible, proper planning can dramatically reduce your chances of suffering a severe loss. The following should be considered when evaluating and reducing your risks of an electrical fire hazard:

• Electrical appliances should be inspected on a regular basis. Look for signs of overheating, exposed or damaged wires. If outlets or switches feel unusually hot, the circuit should be shut off and checked by qualified personnel.

• Look for signs of wear and tear, damage or deterioration in electrical wiring. Make sure all electrical appliances are up to electrical building code standards. Have a qualified professional perform routine inspections.

• It is highly recommended to use the wattage specified on all sockets when installing or replacing light bulbs and lighting fixtures. Light bulbs should also be protected by a plastic cage.

• Do-it-yourself projects should be performed with extreme caution. Unless you are fully experienced and educated to handle the task, a qualified electrical professional should be contacted to handle the job.

Location and Maintenance of Electrical Tools and Equipment.

Overloaded equipment and circuits often leave wires exposed, cause insulation to burn and can create sparks. Never force electrical equipment or circuit switches to do heavier jobs than they are required to handle.

This is the kind of fire damage that can come from an electrical fire in
Berry Hill TN.
When electrical equipment and appliances aren’t maintained, dirt and oil buildup can cause overheating and short-circuiting. During cleaning, electrical equipment should be shut off and unplugged from its power source supply, and manufacturer’s instructions should be strictly followed.

Electrical equipment and appliances that produce sparks, odd sounds or odd smells should immediately be shut off and checked by a qualified technician. Equipment in repair should be removed from service and tagged to prevent accidental usage before the repairs can be completed.

Keep combustibles such as paper, cardboard, sawdust and flammable liquids clear from areas near or around electrical equipment.

Proper procedures to prevent the release of unintended energy from electrical equipment should be followed as per OSHA standards. OSHA outlines specific guidelines for “The Control of Hazardous Energy” (Lockout/Tagout) that protects workers during maintenance and service of electrical equipment and machinery.

Fire Response Plans

It’s important to be familiar with your facility’s fire safety measures and systems. Know the location and use of the following fire hazard systems:

• Smoke detectors
• Sprinklers
• Manual pull alarms
• Fire alarm monitoring service
• Voice alarm
• Fire doors

It’s important to know where the fire extinguishers are and how to properly use them. Energized electrical equipment requires Class C extinguishers to safely control fires.

It’s also important to know the locations of emergency escapes, such as stairwells and fire escapes. These routes should be clearly marked and clear from obstruction. Fire escape plans and routes should also be posted.


An electrical fire damage Nashville buildings, particularly in a place of business, is not a pleasant experience. In addition to severe injury and even loss of life, such a mishap can result in property losses and huge costs. Employers and employees should follow safe and proper procedures to prevent the risk of an electrical fire, and know exactly what to do if one occurs.

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